Bitget vs Bybit 2023: Crypto Exchanges Compared!

If you want to protect yourself from losing your deposit by 99%, use the 4th leverage. If you are ready to risk a little more and get more profit, put the 8th leverage. In this case, the loss of the deposit will happen if the price falls below 30-35% of your position on the 3rd trading pairs. But for those who want to take the maximum risks and multiply the deposit well, we advise you to leave the 20 leverage and copy our trades without reducing the risk. With this style of trading, it is MANDATORY to withdraw profit to the spot.
The user should choose the correct protocol like TRC20, ERC20, BEP2, BEP20, ERC20, and others on the platform when withdrawing cryptocurrency. The user should take care because crypto investments carry huge risks, and choosing the wrong protocol could lead to losing their money and assets. Enter Proof of Reserves, a cryptographic way to prove that the funds in the exchange’s custody lie in their hands at the time the audit was done.
As a general guide, a good trader should be able to sustain consistent gains in the long-term, through bull and bear markets. A good trader should also have a clear understanding of their risk profile and be able to manage their risk accordingly. As a role model for their followers, a good trader should also put the interests of their followers before everything else and never mislead them. You can choose to invest a fixed amount of equity (10 to 3,000 USD) when the trader you follow buys in, or set a multiplier (0.1 to 20) to buy in assets proportional to your trader’s orders.
Bitget offers one of the most generous crypto trading signups among all the crypto trading exchanges. Yes, bitget has several free automated crypto bot trading strategies where you can set your parameters and let an AI create the whole strategy. There aren’t significant differences between the two platforms, and your choice ultimately hinges on your preferences.
Bitget has high liquidity and is available on Android and iOS devices, supporting 500 cryptocurrencies and over 580 trading pairs. Copy trading offers a  hands-off approach and an incredible opportunity to profit just like seasoned professionals without the need for extensive expertise. If the price continues to move against our position, we buy at the next liquidity level.