Fire Department Donation Request: A Comprehensive Guide to Supporting Our Local Heroes

Now that you have qualified volunteer applicants, you want to be sure to track them through the entire recruitment process from the initial inquiry to becoming a member. There are many easy to use (and cost effective) solutions for accomplishing these objectives — plus they save a ton of valuable volunteer manpower time from manual processes. You can use SAFER funds in the Recruitment & Retention category to fund recruitment marketing programs, member progression incentives, pay for PPE for new recruits and more. You can budget as little as $25/month and get an immediate impact from recruitment campaigns on Facebook. You can target by specific demographic, age ranges, those interested in volunteering and causes, and more. Then, you can “boost” posts on Facebook (such as status updates, videos, and photos) or create unique campaigns targeting your selected demographics.
Selling bricks is a symbolic way to represent your new structure, and your school can honor donors by creating a walkway or wall with the engraved bricks. Bring everyone in your congregation together for a phone-free, old-fashioned board game night at your church. Parents in your congregation will love to hold onto these portraits for years to come and will be happy they didn’t have to pay a professional studio price to have them. Ask some talented congregation members to volunteer to help out with a family photoshoot. In Protfitable fire department fundraising ideas for a donation, families can pose for photos and download them on a photo-sharing site of your choice.
You can even provide videos and images to show supporters how it works. Organizations can work with a qualified, nonprofit-specific web design firm to design and develop an optimal site for their fundraising and marketing efforts. Not only will you raise some extra money for your creative project, but you’ll be promoting local artists in the process. Everyone gets excited about the Olympics, and your organization can replicate the Olympic games to raise money for any cause or project. Seasonal fundraisers can take many forms, but their unifying feature is that they are related to the current season or holiday. You can even sell concessions and merchandise like water bottles, t-shirts, and baseball caps.
Whether you choose a busy street in your town or a local mall, it’s important that your booth is visible. Advise attendees to bring gently used (no stains or rips), preferably stylish clothes. Do this in during the change of seasons when people tend to shop for new clothes.
As a youth group fundraiser, your church can host a night of magic tricks and illusions. Use a fundraising thermometer to show everyone how close they are to letting the person go free. This event would be easiest to pull off during a church service when everyone is in attendance. But you wouldn’t want it to be too much of a distraction, so be sure to pick a less eventful Sunday. This is an exciting and engaging fundraiser that’s sure to get participants riled up. Throwing a bail-out fundraiser means tying up one or more church members (or leaders) and refusing to untie them until their “bail” or “ransom” has been met by the congregation.
For every mile, they have to convince a church member to donate a dollar or two. Coffee is a wonderful item for a fundraiser because let’s be honest, who can go a morning without a hot cup of joe? Chances are, someone in your congregation knows or is willing to reach out to, a local coffee roaster. Order a large quantity of coffee at a lower price, then turn around and sell individual bags at a profit. For larger congregations, offering streamlined fundraising methods is especially important.
Alex started a GoFundMe to raise money to get the tools and materials needed for his project. He posted an update thanking his donors for all of their contributions and included a photo of the finished product with the fire department. Use our fundraising templates to add local sponsors to your calendar! While getting messy is a big part of the fun, not everyone enjoys staying so colorful. To ensure that your supporters come back next year, provide a clean-up or blow-off station. Volunteers can accomplish this using electric leaf blowers or extra-large floor fans.